Danielle Lebon


...and updates

The Office is open at this time.

Monday, December 21, 2020 the city of Hamilton will be moving into lockdown.
What does that mean?

That as regulated health professional under provincial and municipal guidelines,  Registered Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists are still permitted to operate.  

With the established protocols in place, rest assured Lebon Therapy continues to take precautions and remains vigilant with infection control protocols and will continue operating with booked treatments, weighing the benefits vs risks of each individual.

Your safety, as well as mental and physical health, is of utmost importance and I take this opportunity to serve you with great thought and care.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


January 11th 2021:

For new and returning clients: 

1) Remember to fill out your COVID prescreening form the day before your scheduled appointment. 
If you have not filled out your covid prescreening completely the day before your appointment (the link arrives with your reminder email at 10 am the day before your scheduled appointment) please be aware your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled to another time. 
I will not be sending out extra reminders any more. I have complete faith that you understand the importance of this form and you will fill out your prescreening covid form for your appointment. 
NOTE: You only need to fill out the medical health history format and the consent form once.  The COVID form needs to be completed the day before each appointment until further notice. 

2) Please answer all the screening questions honestly.  If you have ANY symptoms, any at all, PLEASE reschedule. Or if someone in your household may have been exposed or has ANY symptoms at all, please reschedule your treatment. If you're unsure, please call me and we'll talk about your concerns. 


3) Please remember to wait outside and text when you arrive for your appointment and I will let you know when it's safe for you to come inside. Arrive 5-10 minutes only before for scheduled appointment. We will review your covid assessment when you arrive. Hand sanitizer or washing your hands upon arrival and before you leave is still mandatory. 

4) A reminder masks are mandatory AT ALL TIMES (even when changing your clothes, please). Ensure your mask is covering your face properly during the entire time you are in my home and office (covering chin, mouth, nose) and fits securely,  or I will provide another (level 1) mask for you to wear. ($1.00 donations are accepted and will be donated to Ladybird Animal Sanctuary, where we found Minnie the WonderCat)

5) Please dress appropriately for your appointment and come prepared - please leave any and all extra bags, water bottles at home or in your car. A tote is still available to store your items and clothes. 
I hope you understand my concerns and take them seriously. I'm doing my best to keep you and your bubble safe,  I ask you that you do your best to help and keep me, my family and the rest of my clients safe. Thank you. 
Take care and stay safe.